There are 3 different 3D printers/prototyping machines in the EMS: Fortus 250mc; Fortus 400; and Objet 206. To determine which 3D printer you should use for your project, consult with the EMS staff.

Fortus 250mc

The Fortus 250 3D printer can build models up to 10" x 10" x 12" (size of build box) using ABS plastic in layer thicknesses of .007 inch, .010 inch, or .013 inch. This printer replaced the Dimension 3D printer in February 2015. It uses the same software as the Fortus 400 3D printer.  Watch (no audio) it at work. Manufacturer info.


This photo gallery shows a transformer -- video cassette to dog -- printed on the Dimension printer with a file from Stratasys, the company that manufactures the Dimension, the Fortus, and the Objet 260 3D printers.

Fortus 400 Production System

In the fall of 2012 the Fortus 400mc 3D printer was installed.  Read about the printer and its installation and callibration.

Photo galleries of long-jump cars by engineering students in Design for Manufacturing and projects by art students in 3D design for the fall 2012 and printed in the Fortus 400 printer in the EMS. Below are parts of an assembly made in December 2012 for the Department of Physics.


Objet 260


The Objet 260 is manufactured by Stratasys, the company that also made the Fortus 3D printers; it can print using more than 120 materials and in many colors. Available printer materials are transparent, rubber-like, rigid, colored, opaque, and polypropylene-like. Read the article about the intitial setup of the printer and what got printed that first day. Manufacturer's information.