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The intent of this document is to provide guidelines for a fair and equitable distribution of computing resources for users of the engineering network as administered by Engineering Computer Services (ECS) for the College of Engineering. The practices described here seek to allow for individual flexibility, while not encroaching on the use of the facilities by others.


All college of engineering students, non–engineering students taking an engineering course, and faculty and staff, including complimentary appointments, are given an engineering computer account while they are associated with the college. This account gives a user access to information technology resources provided by the college. In addition to account holders, visitors who use information technology resources that belong to The University of Iowa or the college of engineering are covered by this policy.

The scope of the terms “user” and “information technology resources” are defined in the UI Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy.

All users are responsible for knowing and abiding by the guidelines and responsibilities set forth in the University of Iowa's Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (AUP) and this document.


Account Owner Responsibilities

Beyond the requirements of the UI AUP, the following additional responsibilities are in effect for anyone accessing the College of Engineering information technology resources. Users should:

  • Use the computing resources solely to pursue the educational mission of the College of Engineering and in an efficient, ethical, and legal manner.
  • Contribute to a working environment that encourages effective study and work for all users. This includes, but is not limited to, an environment free from loud talking, the playing of loud music, sound from computer games, offensive graphics on computer screens, and graphic or vulgar language and gestures that demean individuals.
  • Maintain the integrity and security of your account by keeping your password confidential. Report any suspected unauthorized access to your account and change your password immediately. Maintain the privacy of your account by not loaning it to anyone.
  • Abide by the “Usage Guidelines” below and Guidelines and Good Practices to maintain equitable use of the resource for all users.
  • Use college-provided commercial software to support the educational and research mission of the College of Engineering. 
  • Adhere to software licenses and those requirements as referenced in University AUP and software licensed to the College of Engineering on college- or personally owned computers.
  • Appropriately use software that is subject to ITAR and similar government restrictions

ECS Responsibilities

As a provider of computing services, ECS is responsible for delivering a reliable, effective, and secure computing environment. ECS will provide the following:

  • Reasonable safeguards against unauthorized access to your account.
  • Data recovery in the case of of ECS-managed equipment failure that results in a loss of information.
  • Access to the computing resource 24 hours a day, seven days a week during the semester to the best of our ability.
  • Regular upgrades of hardware and software to support the college's computing needs.
  • User assistance and consulting support on use of the computing facilities.


The IT Usage Guidelines and Good Practices describe specific practices expected at all times. ECS may take action when these guidelines are violated.

Users are encouraged to report suspected violations of this policy to the College of engineering Chief Technology Officer or the Director of Desktop Services.


ECS will make every effort to evaluate individual user actions on a case-by-case basis. If a particular program or process is unduly reducing the availability of network resources, or is creating a disruption in the study climate of a facility, then this activity is subject to actions that will restore service to the larger community. Specifically, steps will be taken to protect the files of users and to maintain sufficient processing resources to allow persons to access and perform work with their accounts. Actions taken will be determined by current system load on the network, severity of the offense, previous misconduct history by an individual, and any extenuating circumstances. Actions may include, but are not limited to, email notification of the situation, requests for clarifying information, termination of processes, and account suspension.

Related Policies

The operation of engineering network and computing facilities shall be in accordance with the University of Iowa's Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources. The UI policy covers security of computing resources and accounts as well as individual privacy and the limitations thereof.