Preparing for Account Inactivation

Forwarding Mail

In preparation for account inactivation, you may want to forward your email to a new email address and also turn on the vacation/autoreply feature of email in order to tell your correspondents of your new address. If you have a Hawkmail account, log in to MyUI (students) or HR Self Service (faculty/staff) to change your email routing. If you receive mail on the engineering mail server, use the ECS Account tools to forward email and turn on vacation/autoreply.

Access to Seamans Center

When your account is inactivated, your Iowa One card access is also deactivated. If you need continued access to the building, you must request access from the departmental secretary after your account is inactivated.

Archiving Your Account Files

For student accounts, files in your inactivated account will remain for a few months. See account policies for information on how long accounts remain active. After that time, those files will be removed permanently and will not be recoverable. You may want to archive your files prior to account inactivation. If you are in town, the easiest way to archive your files is by logging into an Windows machine and dragging the contents of your H: drive to removable media (e.g., flash drive, CD, DVD).

Another option is to create a zip file of your account and ftp that file to a new location or save it to removable media.

Faculty and staff accounts are inactivated as soon as you leave employment at the College of Engineering.

For detailed information and help on these options, visit the Engineering Help Desk in 1253 SC or call 319-335-5055.