Information that may be helpful using your engineering computer account.

Passwords - What You Need to Know

Engineering account passwords must include 2 numbers and 2 letters and expire every 365 days.

Printing - All You Need to Know

Information about printers, print quota, web print, and more.

Computing Safely

Measures to improve the safety and availability of the computing environment.

Disk Quota & How to Manage Disk Space

Quota is the amount of space you have to store files.

File Storage and Locations

Engineering accounts include file storage on both Windows and Unix file servers.

Home Directory Path

How to specify your home directory path in scripts:

Preparing for Account Inactivation

In preparation for account inactivation, you may want to...

Previous Version

Restore a older version of a file or a deleted file in the home directory or in a file share.

Reducing Disk Usage

What to do when you run out of disk space.

Map a Drive - How to

Easy access to files in directories other than your home directory.

FAQ about Computing in Engineering

FAQ on a range of topics.