All students enrolled in or taking classes in the College of Engineering, and college faculty and staff are eligible for an engineering computer account. You must use your engineering account to login to engineering computers, including those in the various student labs. Your Hawk ID and engineering computer account ID should be the same, but those accounts provide access to different services.

Account Services

The following pages describe services related to your engineering account.

Get Hawk ID information here. The Hawk ID is created and managed by ITS; you use it to get to campus resources, including Hawkmail.

Identity Management

Indentity management describes the life-cycle management of client (user) credentials and resources associated with those credentials. Read below to learn about how identity management is handled by ECS.

When you enter the College of Engineering as a student or an employee, you become eligible for an engineering account (your credential) and engineering-specific resources based on your status (e.g., current engineering student, future-enrolled engineering student, student employee, full- or part-time employee, student taking an engineering class).

ITS provides us with identity data for a subset of university personnel -- students, faculty, and staff -- based on a set of rules that defines eligibility. Account provisioning and de-provisioning is driven by presence in our data set of eligible users. The types of events that trigger inclusion in our data set are: current or future enrollment in the college of engineering; a primary HR appointment (some people have multiple appointments and only the primary appointment will trigger presence in our data set); non-engineering student enrollment in an engineering course. The types of events that trigger removal from our data set are: graduation; transfering to another college; termination of HR appointment; end of semester for non-engineering student taking an engineering course.

In order to provide services to our users and abide by university policies, anyone who needs access to college of engineering resources must become engineering eligible.