SC Classroom Computer Login

The Windows computers in the general assignment classrooms -- 1505, 2133, 2217, 2229, 3026, 3315, 3321, 3505, and 4030 -- in the Seamans Center belong to the Iowa domain. Login using your Hawk ID and your Hawk ID password. Once connected, you can map a drive to your engineering account home directory to get access to files you have stored there.

The software available is the software available to computers on the Iowa domain, which is managed by ITS, as well as some of the engineering software available on the computer lab machines. Iowa domain software includes Maple, Mathematica, and Wolfram Mathematica. The software that is not available includes engineering software such as ANSYS, Arena, and PTC Creo. To use engineering software, you must go to Start | All Programs | Remote Desktop, or click the Remote Desktop icon on the Desktop, which allows you to log in to your office Windows computer. The dialogue box that opens needs the following information:

Computer: [, or where d-coexxx is the name of your office computer. Look at the label on the CPU for this information. If your computer is ECS-administered and you are running Windows 7, use; if XP, then use]
User name: [your engineering account name]
Password: [your engineering account password]
Domain: engin

Before you click to connect, go to the Options >> button, and select the Experience tab. From the pull-down menu, select LAN. The connection to your machine will be faster.


1. It will save time making the connection if you are logged into the computer in your office. If you are logged in in your office, whatever is on the screen of your office computer will be displayed once the connection is established. If you leave open the file of exam questions and answers, those contents will be displayed in the classroom.

2. The machine identification at the top of the screen remains on the screen while you are connected to your office computer.

When the connection is established, go to Start | All Programs | ... to run the software you need.

When you are done with the remote connection, on the remote desktop screen go to Start | Disconnect; that ends the session with the computer in your office. Before leaving the classroom, logoff (Start then click the arrow to the right of the lock and select Log Off) the classroom computer.