The Engineering Technology Centers (ETC) staff provide audio visual (AV) support for engineering conference rooms and labs in the Seamans Center. The list of conference rooms with the equipment available in each gives you an idea of how many pieces of equipment must be selected, ordered, installed, and maintained. Projectors need to have bulbs replaced or the dust vacuumed from the housing. Microphones need to be selected and installed, and then cabled so as to be useful. Computer keyboards and mice require charged batteries and computer and monitors need securely connected cables. (It is true that computers are not AV equipment, but ETC does select, order (***add link to ordering page when written), install, program, repair, and service the conference room and lab computers.)

When you needt to specify or order AV equipment in SC, please call the ETC main office, 319-335-5751, and ask for AV design to get help choosing the equipment. When AV equipment needs maintenance, please call the Engineering Electronics Shop, 319-335-5760.

Services related to AV equipment that ETC provides include:

  • consulting
  • system design
  • ordering and delivery
  • installation
  • programming
  • preventive maintenance
  • repair
  • service
  • help desk

ETC also augments the ITS AV support for general assignment classrooms in Seamans Center. Calls to the classroom help line, 319-335-1956, are handled by ITS, but often an ETC stafffer provides the on site support.