Server and User File Backups

The Engineering Computer Network (ECN) as administered by Engineering Computer Services (ECS) includes file backup and recovery services for 1) the files servers run by ECS, 2) home directory and share directory files for any user account, and 3) local hard drives of ECS-administered computers, as described below.

1) Server backups of ECS and external client machines are described in the Disaster Recovery Policy and are not applicable to user files. Backups are created for disaster recovery only.

Server backups comply with the UI data backup policy.

2) Network Files. On Windows computers, older copies of home directory (and share directory) files are available by selecting a previous version of the document. You can restore modified as well as deleted files. See Previous Version for how to recover older versions or deleted network files.

Because user files are stored on a Windows file server, there is no Linux equivalent of Previous Versions. Linux users must login to a Windows computer to restore an older version or a deleted copy of a document.

3) Local hard drives of ECS-administered Windows computers (computers that ECS has named, including CCAD computers, are backed up. A backup of user files on C and the entire D drive is done three (3) days per week. To have a local file restored from this sort of backup, use the file restore request form. These restores are handled by ECS.


The Engineering College complies with the UI data backup policy.