This policy supports the adoption of new technologies that empower faculty and staff by providing and regularly replacing desktop computers for eligible faculty and staff.

Eligible Faculty and Staff

People eligible to receive allocated computers are in one of three categories:
   • Voting faculty
   • Permanent staff with a 50 percent or greater appointment and that report through the Dean’s Office (Finance, ECS, CTC, EDPC, EES, ESS). Not in this category include staff in CCAD, CGRER, IIHR, and research units.
   • Others as designated by the Dean’s Office


The goal is to provide faculty and staff with office computers that are no more then five (5) years old. The computers are configured to be appropriate to the tasks and responsibility of the faculty or staff member. The actual number of computers replaced annually will depend on the funds allocated by the college and the number of faculty and staff participating in the program.

Renewal Cycle

The cycle is annual, usually beginning in December.


Allocated Computer

This policy allocates and replaces only ECS-administered desktop computers. No portables or servers are allocated, and no substitutions of the hardware model are allowed.

Because these computers are meant to help employees be productive, the computer must be in the individual’s primary office for use by the employee. When the individual to whom a computer was allocated leaves the college, no longer uses the allocated computer, or prefers to use a locally administered the computer, the computer returns to the college for reassignment. Faculty that opt out of the college computer renewal program must return the college-allocated computer if one was assigned to them and are not eligible to rejoin the program for one year.

Allocated Computer Process


The eligible faculty and staff form six groups: the five academic departments (BME, CBE, CEE, ECE, MIE), and the rest of the eligible staff. For allocation purposes, the administrative support staff of a department are treated as members of that department. Faculty may opt out of the program, reducing the size of the eligible group for that unit. When a faculty member opts out of the program, he/she is assigned inactive status. Faculty on the inactive list for at least one year can rejoin the annual renewal program during the next renewal cycle.


As long as funding allows, the number of new computers available for each group will be equal to the number of computers that will be five years or more old at the renewal time. Each year college administration will inform the unit managers/directors of the number of new computers allocated to their unit. The renewal computers will replace the oldest computers in the group in any given year.