Beyond the parts you see when you walk into 2018 SC, the Electronics Shop staff uses and has available equipment for making printed circuit boards, laser marking and etching, calibrating, and thermal imaging. Read below for information about the specific items or click on the appropriate links.

Testing Equipment

Vernier LabQuest 2 is a data collector to be used with LabQuest accessories. It includes a built-in graphing and analysis application and  many types of sensors and probes: EKG, motion, and surface temperature sensors, low-g and 3-axis accelerometers, electrode amplifier, thermocouple, goniometer, and more. The LabQuest 2 is part of the Tool Library available for checkout from the Lichtenberger Engineering Library.

Kepco BOP 100-4M power operational amplifier used for testing and prototyping. It is a precision voltage and current source.

Fluke 5500A multi-product calibrator, used to calibrate lab equipment including meters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, and more.

Fluke T145 IR Flexcam thermal imaging camera. Single photos and movies can be uploaded to a computer for analysis. ETC staff used this camera to check the thermal air flow patterns in the server room. The rooms has since been rearranged to cool the room more efficiently. When Facilities Management was deciding whether or not to replace windows in the west wing of SC, ETC used the camera to document the inefficiency of the existing windows; those windows were replaced. The camera was also used for by faculty who conducted a temperature-sensitve experiment.

Dewalt DW071 rotary laser level. This contractor-grade level has a height detector and strikes a 360-degree level line. It comes with a tripod.

Printers and Mills

LPKF printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping mills: one professional-grade mill and one available to students.

Universal Laser system for cutting, marking, and etching.

Graphtec CE6000-60 vinyl cutting plotter, with a 60cm x 50cm cutting area.

Ricoh SG 3110DN dye-sublimation printer that prints transfers that can be put on flat and cylindrical objects. The transfer created on the printer requires heat to transfer the dye onto objects with a specific polyester-based surface.

MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer for printing objects with 0.2mm resolution in PLA plastic.