These policies apply only to email accounts managed by the college. No engineering email accounts have been created since 5/2010. New students and employees get email account from ITS.

Checking Mail

Most email client programs allow you to set how often the mail program checks for new mail. You should set your client to check no more often than 5 minutes. Longer intervals are encouraged. Each time you check for new mail, you open a connection to the IMAP server. Each connection takes system resources on a system shared by all engineering mail users.

You must authenticate to the mail server ( You must also use a secure connection (TLS or SSL) to that server. For information on setting Thunderbird to use a secure connection, read the configuration page.

Mail Quota

Each user's IMAP mail account has a disk-space quota. The quota applies to the inbox and mail folders; it is not associated with your home directory space. Your quota allocation depends upon your Engineering College classification and is revised as storage space permits. For more information about your mail quota, read about email quota. To see your use and quota, use Webmail or the account tools.

Message Size

The maximum email message size, including attachment(s) is 30MB. That is, messages sent within the college can be as large as 30MB. Also ITS's message size is 30MB, which means that messages you send or ones you receive from outside the college can be as large as 30MB. Other mail providers have different maximum message sizes; check with the intended recipient before sending a large mail attachment.