EMS support for the students, staff, and faculty includes instruction of various sorts: learning to use appropriate software in the instructional classroom, on-line and in person safety training, and supervising hands-on use of the machines in the shop. 

Arrange with EMS staff to use G471 SC instructional classroom where there is software to create files for the 3D printers and water jet.V


View the training video tutorials and written safety guidelines.

Employment and Experience

EMS hires students that can:

  • Weld
  • Mill
  • Do lathe cutting
  • Do water jet cutting
  • Use 3D computer design software
  • Use 3D computer scanner
  • Do 3D printing
  • Teach other students


EMS supports researchers in the college and across campus by consulting on projects and making prototypes and working equipment.

Completed Projects and More

EMS Articles highlight new equipment in the shop and projects produced there.