Engin to Iowa Migration

What is happening?      

The Engineering College is working within the TIER framework to consolidate Windows domains. As a consequence the current Engineering College windows domain is being retired and all users, computers and applications are being moved to the Iowa domain.

When is this happening?             

The majority of the work to do the consolidation will happen starting Friday evening, June 30th 2017 and finishing by Monday morning, July 3rd 2017. Some preliminary work for this change has already been done and some cleanup work is expected after July 3rd.

Will this affect me?

If you use a computer or service that is provided by the College of Engineering, you will be affected in some fashion. If you use a computer that currently authenticates against the engin domain, the impacts will be substantial and you will need to do a few things to migrate your personal environment to the Iowa domain.

How do I login to my Engineering desktop computer after the migration is complete?

You will login as you normally would using your HawkID, however, instead of using your Engineering password, you will use your HawkID password.

How do I login to Engineering Services after the migration?

Instead of using engin\ you will now be using iowa\ whenever authentication is needed. You will also be using your HawkID password rather than your Engineering password. (VDI, VPN, etc)

IMPORTANT: If you have a device (smart-phone, tablet, computer) which is set to automatically connect/login to some Engineering service using a saved password, be SURE to update it with your HawkID password. Engineering services now validate passwords using the HawkID system and if a device tries to login repeatedly using your Engineering password (assuming it isn't the same as your HawkID password) it will cause your HawkID account to be locked (preventing you from loging in at all).

How will the migration affect my current Network Drives in Engineering?

The current path is \\sharename.drive.engin.uiowa.edu\sharename. The new path will be \\sharename.drive.engineering.uiowa.edu\sharename.

What will happen to my old Engineering profile?

New profiles will be created when you log into your computer after the migration is completed. However, your old profile will still be on your computer and can be easily accessed to retrieve anything that you may need, such as: Firefox settings, Internet Explorer settings, Chrome settings. Your new and old profiles can be found here: \\engr-fs002.iowa.uiowa.edu\profiles\Hawkid. If you have an Outlook .pst file or Dropbox settings, they can be retrieved from the local profile located on the C:\ drive of your computer.

Will I still see be able to access my Engineering H:\ Drive?

Currently the Engineering home directory is H:\, after the migration, the Engineering home directory will be I:\ and the Iowa home directory will be H:\. The Engineering Linux directory will remain as L:\. All of your files will remain on their respective drives, so nothing will be lost in transition.

How do I connect to Skype for Business?

After the migration, Skype for Business should automatically connect once you login to your computer. If Skype for Business does not automatically connect, then enter your firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu and use your Hawkid password.

How do I set up Outlook?

To set up Outlook after the migration, start Outlook and enter your firstname-lastname@uiowa.edu and use your Hawkid password.

How will I connect to my computer via Remote Desktop?

You will still be able to access your computer remotely, however, the name will change. For example, if your old name was d-coeXXX-YZ.engin.uiowa.edu  Your new computer name will be engr-d-coeXXX-Z.iowa.uiowa.edu

How will this affect my printers?

Printers will now be added using this server: \\engr-ps000\. The server name changes, however, the printer names remain the same.