Account Criteria

All College of Engineering students, staff, and faculty are eligible for an Engineering computer account. All account holders are subject to the College of Engineering Acceptable Use Policy as well as the University of Iowa's Policy on Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources.

Engineering Student Accounts

ECS creates an Engineering computer account for all incoming engineering students. Use your Hawk ID to log in and get your engineering password.

Engineering student accounts are active while the student is enrolled in the College of Engineering. During any semester that a student is not registered for classes, the account may be temporarily inactivated. Accounts remain active during internships or coop experiences.


The policy for accounts after graduation is determined by Information Technology Services. The current ITS graduation policy is available online.

Non-engineering Student Accounts

Any non-engineering student taking an engineering course is eligible for an account for the duration of the semester in which they take the course. The account is inactivated at the end of the semester.

Graduate Assistant Accounts

Graduate assistants teaching engineering classes who are not engineering students are eligible for an account for the duration of their appointment as a teaching assistant. Research assistants who are not engineering students but are working with engineering professors are eligible for an account only if the engineering faculty sponsor has privately owned equipment with which to support the research account.

Faculty & Staff Accounts

All College of Engineering staff and faculty, visiting researchers, and visiting scholars are eligible for an Engineering account for the duration of their employment with the College of Engineering. Access to the computing resource will be terminated 14 days after notification that an individual is no longer employed by the College of Engineering. Inactive accounts will be archived at the end of each fall, spring, and summer semesters. An inactive account is one that has not been logged into for 6 months after the password has expired. Archived files are available for a limited amount of time, not less than 1 year.

Account Disabling

Engineering computer accounts may be disabled for violations of the UI and Engineering Acceptable Use Policies, where there is evidence of activity that violates laws, the account poses a security risk, and other reasons. Why an account can be disabled.

Account Termination

All accounts will be removed six months after the account has expired.

Prepare for No Account Access

To prepare for no longer having an Engineering computer account, please read about account inactivation.

Account Eligibility Questions

If you have questions about account eligibility, please call or visit the Engineering Computer Services main office, 1256 Seamans Center, 319-335-5751.