About Engineering Computer Services

  • Provides and manages a reliable, effective, and secure computing environment including computers, the underlying network, and software.
  • Configures, installs, and maintains computers in student laboratories, and staff and faculty computers.
  • Installs, updates, and manages the Linux and Windows software that runs on those computers.
  • Prepares for disaster recovery; provides system backup and data archiving.
  • Installs, manages, and enhances the network that allows users to save and copy files, print, connect to the Internet, send and receive email, and connect a portable computer from public spaces in the Seamans Center.
  • Manages the College of Engineering web server, lab and departmental printers, the security system in the labs, design and administration of data bases used throughout the college, and file backup service.

Mission Statement

To provide a secure, reliable, and innovative computing environment that facilitates, supports, and enhances the mission of the College of Engineering.

ECS Staff

Danny Tang - Director, Engineering Technology Centers
Sheila Britton - Departmental Administrator
Jim Cramer - Database and Applications Developer
Bill Easton - Webmaster
Zach Bluvstein - Research Systems Administrator
Christopher Fomon - Software and Infrastructure Services
David Funk - Unix and Network administrator
Blake Rupe - Digital Content and Communications 
Matt McLaughlin - Director of Engineering Computer Services
Daniel Mentzer - Windows and  applications administrator
Sarah Williams - Manager, Engineering Help Desk

ECS Brochure

This is a PDF version of the 3-fold ECS brochure that briefly describes ECS duties, equipment, and staff. Paper copies are available in the ECS office, 1256 SC.