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The Engineering Machine Shop is a full service machine shop that includes Design Engineers, advanced multi-axis machines, and traditional manufacturing equipment. While the services we provide are individualized for each person or problem, the general services we provide are under the following categories:

Advanced 3D Printing

Advanced 3D Printing 

Advanced additive printing of parts by optimizing resolution, slicing, materials,  and build orientation with the use of commercial grade 3D printers.

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Design Consultation   

Design and manufacturability consultation that includes design, manufacturing process, and solid modeling services.

Machine Shop Design and Prototype

Design & Prototyping  

Consult, design, create process, and manufacture prototypes using all equipment in Engineering Technology Center.

Machining & CNC

Fabrication & Machining  

Provide the manufacture of a single prototype or production run of parts utilizing multi-axis CNC mills, lathes, waterjet, and other equipment.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering

Provide 3D scanning and probing of parts using Faro arm and laser scanner that includes file manipulation using Geomagic, Magic’s, and other solid modeling software.



Provide basic Machine Shop training on milling, drilling, cutting, sanding, waterjet cutting, and more.




https://engineering.uiowa.edu/sites/engineering.uiowa.edu/files/styles/square__768_x_768/public/2020-12/michael_hillman_0867.jpg?h=5bf72504&itok=nmtzZv5H   Michael Hillman
Director, Machine Shop

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