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The College of Engineering Technology Center provides engineering services for College and University students, faculty, staff, researchers, and more. We house two shops that double as maker spaces - an Electronics shop and a Machine shop - that complete electronic and mechanical services.

  • The Electronics Shop tackles electronic repair, calibration, and design services throughout the the college. They also maintain a sales desk in 2018 SC that sell lab parts and kits for engineering lab classes and other educational items.  Check their interactive EES parts catalog listing or the complete on-line inventory to see all products available in the shop. Safety data sheets can be found at .
  • The Machine Shop is a modern version of the classic machine shop that includes compute-literate staff, machines, and methods alongside traditional manufacturing equipment and procedures.

While the services we provide are individualized for each person or problem, the general services we provide are under the following categories:

  • Basic 3D Printing - Consumer grade 3D printing services
  • Consultation - Consultation with students, staff and faculty on various electronics or networking projects
  • Equipment Design and Prototyping - We can help fabricate original electronics equipment design and prototype work for researchers. Capabilities include chematic capture, circuit analysis, board layout, routing,  prototyping double-sided printed circuit boards. 
  • Equipment Maintenance - Preventive maintenance, calibration, and repair of departmental teaching lab equipment.
  • Laser Processing - Cutting, etching and engraving of materials.
  • Locker Rentals - Rental of student lockers located in the Seamans Center.
  • Parts and Sales - We have a counter sales facility located in room 2018 SC for all Faculty, staff and students to purchase lab parts and kits for classes, research and other projects.  This location also provides consultation and purchasing of electronics equipment. Check the interactive EES parts catalog listing or the complete on-line inventory to see all products available in the shop. 
  • Training - Workshops on basic electronic skills such as soldering, circuit board design, and more.
  • Advanced 3D Printing - Advanced additive printing of parts by optimizing resolution, slicing, and build orientation.  This also includes design, material, and printing technology consultation.
  • Design and Prototyping - Design, create process, and manufacture prototypes using all equipment in Engineering Technology Center.
  • Design Consultation - Design and manufacturability consultation that includes design, manufacturing process, and solid modeling services.
  • Fabrication & Machining - Provide cutting and forming of materials using 5 axis waterjet, shear, and saws and machining of material using both manual and CNC mills, Lathes, and other equipment.
  • Reverse Engineering - Provide 3D scanning and probing of parts using Faro arm and laser scanner that includes file manipulation using Geomagic, Magic’s, and other solid modeling software.

If you don't see the specific service you need, do not fear. Our services can vary greatly depending on project scale and scope. Get in touch with us today and we will do everything we can to help!