FastX is software that brings the graphical interface from a Linux machine to your Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computer.  It is currently installed in the labs and the 1245 and 3231 classrooms. Read the FastX documentation. To connect remotely from off campus to a Linux computer in Engineering you should download FastX1 (FastX2 will not work with the College of Engineering) from the ITS software download page.

Off-campus computers must first be authorized for the engineering network by connecting to our VPN using Network Connect.  After connecting to the VPN, continue to the desired Install section below.


Windows or Macintosh

After you have downloaded the Windows or Macintosh version, start the setup wizard.  To proceed you have to accept the End-User License Agreement. By default FastX wants to install in the Program Files directory on the C:\ drive. You can change the installation directory or accept the default. The installer tells you that it is ready to install FastX; you need to click the Install button. When the installation is complete, click the Finish button to exit the setup wizard.


Open a terminal window and run the command tar xvzf FastX<tab>, as illustrated.   Linux is case sensitive, so enter this command as shown. The [tab] after entering FastX finds files that match "FastX", so if you have more than one file with FastX, you will need to select the correct file.

Then run the command FastX/bin/FastX. FastX will open to the activation screen. Add the license information as described below.

License Information

Before you run FastX, you need to select the license server. From the Help menu, select Register. The License Activation dialogue box asks for the Activation Key. Use the arrow to the right of Activation Key to select License Server. Complete the License Server information as shown. Hostname: and Port: 5053. Click OK.


To start a session, click on the green + in the upper left corner of the FastX screen. You will enter the session Name (your choice), the Host, the port, and User. The Host should be either the "login" server ( or a specific Linux workstation, such as The "login" server has a pool of available resources and will connect you to the least busy candidate, this is usually your best choice. Use the specific named host if you need some particular resource. Port is 22. User is your engineering account; in the illustration the user account is bgreene. Click Save if you want to use the same connection in the future.


To start a FastX session, click a connection that you have created (per the steps above). Click Start a new session... to see the option to start GNOME, KDE, xterm. or New, as shown below.


For help installing FastX, talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055. To verify that FastX has been activated, go the Help | About FastX. You should see this screen:

Additional Information
Read the Usage Information on the Abaqus page if you are using FastX to run Abaqus.
​FastX has replaced NX NoMachine.