This is the currently the easiest way to change your password on a Mac is by using NoMAD.

Step 1: Establish a Connection to the University of Iowa Network

  • ON CAMPUS - use either a wired connection or using an EDUROAM WiFi connection.
  • OFF CAMPUS - connect into the Univeristy of Iowa network via VPN connection.

NOTE: if running multiple systems off campus, be sure steps 1 to 4 are completed as needed, before doing step 5 on ONLY ONE of the systems.  NoMAD should sync everything in about an hour or after the next time the system is connected to the VPN/network for an hour.  IF not done, your locally cached credentials will stay the same and possibly cause issues.


Step 2: Verify NoMAD is setup

The easiest way to change your password is to utilize NoMAD.  This icon should be in the upper right corner of the Menu Bar on all University of Iowa owned Macs.

If install the icon should look like one of these two ways

Signed in   Not Signed in
Nomad Signed in
Nomad Not Signed in

If you have the signed in version Skip to Step 5: Changing Password with NoMAD

IF you have the Not Signed in Skip to Step 4: Signing into NoMAD

IF neither of these are there Proceed to Step 3: Installing NoMAD. 


Step 3: Installing NoMAD

Then you will need to install NoMAD from the Self Help

Simply open up your applications folder and select Self Help.  The icon will look like

Self Service1
Self Service2

Open self service and sign in.  Once signed in select "All"

Scroll through the list of applications on the until you find the NoMAD icon

Nomad istall

Click on install.  This may require a restart of your system.


Step 4: Signing into NoMAD

Click on the NoMAD triangle on the right side of the menu bar.

You should get the following menu.

Nomad Sign in

Select Sign In and sign in with your HawkID and password

sign in

Once you are signed in, your NoMAD triangle will now have a green check mark and list the number of days until your password expires.

Nomad Signed in


Step 5: Changing Password with NoMAD

Once all signed in, it is really simple.  Click on the NoMAD triangle on the right of the menu bar.  A menu will drop down and select Change Password.

change password

Once selected a change password box will appear.  Type in your current password, you new password, and verification of your new password.  Once done, click on the Change Password button.

change password

That should change your HawkID password and all system passwords should remain in sync.

If you have any trouble with this, please contact the help desk.