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Go immediately to the software distribution site.

Most of What You Need to Know

The College of Engineering provides Microsoft operating systems and developer tools to its faculty, staff, and students through its On The Hub Web Store . (This program used to be called the DreamSpark.) The Microsoft Azure subscription includes the most current Microsoft operating systems, server products, and development software (Visual Studio, SDKs, DDKs), tools to be used in software development and teaching courses on software development and other computer-related topics.

Azure software is restricted for educational and non-profit research use only, and cannot be used for infrastructure or commercial development. Within that guideline, the software may be loaded on any number of University of Iowa faculty, staff, and student instructional and research computers free of charge.

Who Can Use Azure

All students, staff, and faculty in the Engineering College will be enrolled at the beginning of each semester; that enrollment will expire at the end of each semester.  During the semester students will be added the first business day of each month. Faculty and staff will be enrolled at the beginning of each fiscal year (1 July), with an expiration date of the end of each fiscal year (30 June). Students, faculty, and staff can ask to be enrolled at any time.

If you believe that you should be on the eligibility list but are not, please talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk in 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.

Get the available software from the On The Hub Web Store, the monitoring and distribution site for the College of Engineering. Non-engineering UI students, faculty, and staff should use the ITS Azure  site.

How to Access Microsoft Software

Use the On The Hub Web Store site, as noted above. Your username on the site is your University email alias ( Your site password will be automatically sent to that email address one time.  If you've forgotten or don't know your site password, click the Forgot Password? link and enter your University email alias as described above to have it emailed to you. Get help here.

Most software is for download only, though there is an option to purchase media for a few products.


Click on the downloaded file to install. You must have administrative rights on the computer on which you want to install the software. You do not have those rights on computers in the Elder, Hering, and Eltoft labs.

How Long You Can Use Downloaded Software

You may continue to use the software for non-profit purposes under the same license agreement when you are no longer eligible.  You cannot receive new software or updates through the program if you do not qualify as specified above.


The license agreement does not grant the user the right to make a copy of or keep the media, except that you may make a copy of the operating system CDs and the MSDN Library CDs.

More Information

Visit the Azure web site.


If you have questions about the Azure program, need access to the download site, or have questions about getting and using the software, come to the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.

Other Microsoft Software

The Engineering Help Desk in 1256 SC is also an authorized CD check-out site for the Microsoft campus agreement. Microsoft Office is included under this license agreement but not under the DreamSpark program above.  Staff and faculty in SC who wish to install Microsoft Office should contact the Engineering Help Desk, 319-335-5055.  Students can download Office from the ITS Software download page.