The College of Engineering Computer Services provides IT services for College and University students, faculty, staff, researchers, and more. While the services we provide are individualized for each person or problem, the general services we provide are under the following categories:

  • Application Development  - Specialized applications development and porting by contract
  • Computer Labs - Hardware and software management for specialized departmental labs and general college instructional labs. Application assessment, installation, integration, troubleshooting. Remote X Windows and SSH access for students and instructors. Remote Microsoft Windows access for students and instructors. Linux Classtops available in General Assignment Classrooms.  Determining appropriate system configuration for lab systems, negotiating volume purchases.
  • Core Infrastructure - Virtual machine hardware and software (Servers, blades, Vmware), Central database server instances shared by various faculty, staff, and students, Core infrastructure storage (VM storage), Management of data center facilities, Management of Engn, CCAD and IIBI Active Directory Domains, Networking for College of Engineering Buildings (Seamans, ERF, SHL, etc.)
  • Legacy Communications - Support for regular voice calls and voicemail
  • Multimedia Technology - Management and support of digital signage endpoints, Management and support of video conferencing systems, Support and management of common classroom technology (projectors, flat panel displays, A/V equipment) Support and management of common conference room technology (projectors, flat panel display, A/V equipment) Room scheduling displays
  • Network Connectivity - Support of for Virtual Private Network service (Cisco AnyConnect), Support for Eduroam/ATT wireless networks in university buildings, Support of for Virtual Private Network service (Juniper VPN), Support for wired network connections in Engineering buildings
  • Printing - Printing services for large format applications (posters), Printing services for administration and research groups, Printing services for computer lab users (instructional)
  • Storage - Specialized storage for backup data for research groups, File storage for research groups, File storage for private home directories and shared group directories, Replication/backups of systems providing core services, Backup / replication of desktops and mobile devices
  • Unified Communications - Support for calendaring portion of campus Microsoft Exchange service, Support for email portion of campus Microsoft Exchange service, Support for collaboration portion of campus Microsoft Skype for Business service, Support for voice communication portion of campus Microsoft Skype for Business service, Support for mailing lists and email redirection.
  • User Support - Advice and recommendations on purchasing hardware to meet specialized needs, Advice and recommendations on purchasing software to meet specialized needs, Additional computer/user support services beyond Basic Support (applies to faculty and staff), Specialized support for research users, their labs, and equipment, Computer/user support for users and groups not covered by an existing support contract, but instead billed based on time and materials, Support for College Outreach activities (OASIS), Minimal/baseline computer/user support for all students, Central issue routing, metrics collection, announcement hub.
  • Web Hosting - Shared Wiki service, Shared Microsoft SharePoint service, Specific web site frameworks running on top of a LAMP stack, College Wiki Services, Shared Wordpress web site hosting service 
  • Web Services - Developing and maintain College and departmental social media presence, particularly as it pertains to outreach and recruitment, Design, implementation, and maintenance of web sites

If you don't see the specific service you need, do not fear. Our services can vary greatly depending on project scale and scope. Get in touch with us today and we will do everything we can to help!