File shares allow several people to use the same files. There are shares created for offices, groups, and web pages. Individual accounts are given access to file shares when the owner of the share requests that access.

Windows Start Menu
To see what file shares you have access to, from search area of the Start menu of a Windows computer (as illustrated here), type \\\Shared\Engineering\Shared. You will see the shares you have access to; the view will be similar to the image shown. If no view appears, you don't have access to any shares.

To use the files in a share, double click to open the share listing. To create a shortcut to the share, right click on a share and select Create shortcut.

snapshot of file shares

You can map shares for easy access.

Come to or call the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055; or send email to get added to a share.