In Elder, Hering, Eltoft Labs, and Available Remotely

The Linux workstations that are in the Elder, Hering, and Eltoft labs are single-user machines, named l-lnx100 through l-lnx131. The /var/tmp directory is available on each l-lnx1xx machine, but because there is no remote login via ssh, if you use /var/tmp, you will need to sit at the same computer to use files stored there. If you sit at a different Linux machines and want to access the same files, put those files  in your home directory.

There are six (6)  Linux workstations available remotely. They are multi-user machines with more core and RAM than the single user workstations. These machines are named c-lnx000 through c-lnx005 and are available via ssh. You can ssh to the specific machine you want to use, perhaps because you have stored files in /var/tmp, or access them using Because no one can actually sit in front of those machines, the USB drives and CD/DVD drives are not available.

You can get to any of the Linux machines using FastX, which serves the Linux graphical interface to your local Windows or Macintosh computer.

To help you choose which machine you might want to connect to, note the RAM, core, and CPU information in the table below.

Machine name RAM (gb) cores CPU
c-lnx000, 001,002, 003, 004, 005 384 16 2.9 GHz Intel Xeon
c-lnx006 72 8 2.9 GHz Intel Xeon