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How to Write a Web Page; HTML

If you have followed step 1, you need to add the information you want. All you have to do is grab your favorite text editor and write the .index.html file in HTML, Hyper Text Markup Language, which lays out the general text, banners, images, and links to other pages. To see the HTML script of a page, Press Ctrl+U (Firefox) or go up to View and select Source (Internet Explorer). You'll see a window displaying a scripting language surrounded by greater-than (>) and lesser-than (<) signs. These symbols provide the format codes to the document.

How does one write HTML? The easiest way is to use a web authoring package; Dreamweaver, Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer, and Front Page are examples. But it helps to know some basic HTML, the underlying language that makes web pages look as they do. Below are a few links to introduce HTML. Use Google to search for others. Look around the web for any web pages you find interesting and easy to view, and incorporate bits and pieces of that HTML source into your page.

HTML Primer from the site; good site navigation and search tools

Bare Bones Guide to HTML comes in several languages

W3 HTML Tutorial tutorial, examples, quizzes, HTML references, and more

Lissa Explains It All This site is not just for kids.

Here are a couple links to give you a sense of style, what to do and to avoid. If you look, you'll find plenty of advice about writing HTML and effective web pages by searching the web.:

W3C Web Style Guide from the people that brought you the web, World Wide Web Consortium

Web Style Guide illustrations and clickable links

You can find free templates for HTML pages; search the web for "free html layouts templates".

There are also many books published on web authoring, HTML, etc. Check the library and local bookstores, and search the web for on-line training and other publications.

Go on to step 3 for some reminders and guidelines about web pages.

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