In order to gain access to anything within our environment a VPN connection will be necessary. (insert link to vpn documentation here)

For windows there are a few options available.

Option 1: Putty:

A free open source ssh client easily obtained via google or this link (

Since this is your first time connecting accept the host key.

Then you should be logged in.


Option 2: the built in windows ssh client

Newer versions of windows 10 have a build in ssh client accessable via the build in windows terminal. This can be found by pressing the windows key and typing command prompt and hitting enter.

The ssh syntax is ssh username@destation and then hitting enter and supplying your password.     
In this case your username will be your hawkID and your password.
For example:

new host key

For information regarding the argon-hpc-cluster please visit


  • Host keys are being updated in the next week or so.  Once this is done, you may experience messages like below or simply see the new key as either of the new host key messages above. (SSH and SSH on Putty)

Host Key Change