hardware graphic
 In the ECS labs, a variety of hardware is available to all Engineering account users. The hardware is divided between two operating systems: Linux and Windows. In the Elder, Hering, and 2301 labs there is a mix of Windows and Linux computers. 1245 Henry Electronic Classroom has only Windows computers. You can see all the Windows computers that you have access to by entering a lab. There are 6 Linux computers that are available remotely via ssh rather than physically.

Computers, Workstations, Printers, Scanners

Computers, Workstations

The table below lists the computers and workstations available in each of the Elder, Hering, 2301 labs, and the 1245 Henry Electronic classroom. Of the 212 total workstations, 32 run Linux
and 180 run Windows. There are 6 remotely available Linux computers, as noted above.

When you are working in a lab, notice that each Windows computer or Linux workstation has a name. Windows are named L-COExxx and Linux named L-LNXxxx. If you have trouble with a computer, please report the problem using the form or to the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055, and include the name of the computer that is being difficult as well as a description of the problem.

consultants and lab printers


Both Elder and Hering labs have two LaserJet printers in the area between the north and south sections of the labs; those printers are named ptrcss00-ptrcss03. The color LaserJet, ptrcss10, is in the Elder lab next to printers 00 and 01. You must release jobs sent to that color printer for them to print. Read about printing for details on releasing jobs.

The printer in 2301 SC is ptrcss05.

Hering north and south labs each have a resume printer. There is no charge to use the resume printers, but you must provide the paper.

Another color print option is the HP Photosmart* printer in the Engineering Help Desk office, 1253 SC.


There is one scanner in each section of the Hering and Elder labs attached to a Windows computer.

Hardware in Elder, Hering, and 2301 Computer Labs; Linux Laptops
  Windows Linux Printers Scanner
Hering 1220 SC
  Hering N
  Hering S
Elder 1231 SC
  Elder N
  Elder S
1245 SC
2301 SC
Available remotely
Photosmart* color
Laptops available only when class is being taught
  2217 SC   74 -- 32-bit
  2229 SC   74 -- 64-bit
  3505 SC   50 -- 64-bit

*The HP Photosmart 8750 printer uses 9-color printing and has multi-sized paper trays to support printing in sizes from 4” x 6” up to 9” x 13”, including 8.5” x 24” panorama. If you need color printer on paper larger than the color Laserjet can handle, use this printer in 1253 SC. There is no charge to use the printer, but you must provide your own paper.