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Description and Statement of Use

2217, 2229, and 3505 SC have been wired to allow using the Linux laptops in those rooms. All 72 seats in 2217 and 2229 have the necessary networking, and there are laptops for each seat. Up to 50 laptops can be used in 3505; thus class enrollment in those rooms should be no larger than the number of available laptops for courses that use computers in class. The laptops are intended to support an instructional setting in which students are actively involved in computing as a part of the class structure.

All three classrooms are general assignment classrooms, which means that they are scheduled centrally and not through the College, until 3:30pm Monday-Friday. If your class requires the use of these laptops, please include that information on the schedule proof copies for classroom scheduling.

The closets in which the laptops are stored are magnetically controlled. ECS gives access to the closet. Use this form to inform ECS that your class will use the Linux laptops and to request access to the closets in which the laptops are stored.

Laptop Configuration

The Linux load on the laptop is installed before each semester begins. That load will not be changed during the semester. The process of loading the laptops is time- and person-intensive, and so the load will not be changed once the semester starts.

The laptops are not valuable outside the classroom as they have no battery, no optical drive, and no wireless connection. They can boot only from the internal hard drive. The networking functions only in the 2217, 2229, and 3505 classrooms.


See the related Linux Laptops in SC Classrooms for usage information.


For help, see the Engineering Help Desk consultant, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.