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There are 64-bit Linux laptops available in 2217, 2229, and 3505 SC. Both 2217 and 2229 have laptops for each of the 72 seats in the room. There are fifty (50) 64-bit laptops available in 3505.

About the Laptops

The laptops are stored in locked closets in 2217, 2229, and 3505. Each laptop is stored in a neoprene bag. An additional cloth equipment bag holds the power supply and network cable. Students can bring and use their own mouse or USB key.

The computers are not valuable outside the classroom as they have no battery, optical drive, or wireless connection. They can boot only from the internal hard drive. The networking functions only in the classroom. And each unit is branded, as is the case in which it is stored.

For security, the classrooms have electronic surveillance.

Using the Laptop

Setup and Boot Up

Pick up one laptop and one equipment bag. Place the laptop on top of computer bag. Plug in power supply, network cable, mouse (your own; optional), and USB key (your own; optional).

Turn on the laptop; no password is required.

The USB key is mounted under the /media directory. Disable the USB key before removing it.

Turn off and Replace

Turn off laptop by clicking the little red button at lower right of screen. Select Turn Off Computer; do not select End Current Session.

Do not remove network cable unless laptop is off. Once off, unplug network cable, power supply, mouse, and USB key.

Insert the hinge end first when putting the laptop in the bag. Put the power supply & network cable in the cloth equipment bag.


The software load on these Linux laptops changes each semester depending on the classes being taught in those rooms. Contact ECS, 319-335-5751, to request that software be installed on these laptops. Use this form to inform ECS that your class will use the Linux laptops and to request software installation and access to the closets in which the laptops are stored.

Computer Lab Load Using VDI

To use the laptops as though they were Windows computers, click on the vmware-view icon on the desktop. Once the View/VDI connection has been made, select the Lab Load and the machine will be connected to a virtual Windows machine with the lab software.

Use Policy

Read the description and statement of use for the Linux laptops.