Using /var/tmp, Linux local storage

ECS manages temporary local disk storage, /var/tmp, on Linux workstations. ECS suggests that some packages be run from the local disk storage area because these packages create very large scratch files, which do not fit within quotas and slow network performance when run from your H: drive. The local storage area must be cleaned out for system upgrades, machine failures, or when the disk fills up. You must make your own backups of files on the temporary /var/tmp space.

At the end of each semester (including the summer term) and for system upgrades, performance issues, or a full disk, ECS will remove files from /var/tmp. You must save files that you want stored in /var/tmp before our clean up. If we have to clean out /var/tmp in the middle of a semester because of unavoidable circumstances, those files will not be saved. 


/var/tmp will be cleaned out the first working day after grades are submitted to the Registrar for the fall, spring, and 8-week summer sessions, assuming that ECS has not needed to clean up /var/tmp for reasons noted in the paragraph above. The grade due date is published in the University calendar.