The chart below lists the Linux and Windows software available on the Engineering Computer Network. The version number, if available, is listed in the appropriate column.

Related pages are Linux Software Notes as well as the specific programs that are linked from the chart (e.g., Abaqus, MATLAB, etc.)

Software Linux Windows Category Notes
7-Zip   X compression/decompression utility  
Abaqus 6.12 6.12 non-linear finite element analysis 100 teaching licenses; see Abaqus for research license use. Linux local use info
Acrobat Pro   X document conversion  
Acrobat Reader   X viewer  
ActiveState ActivePerl   X programming language  
ActiveState ActivePython   3.2 programming language  
Adobe Shockwave   X media player  
ANSYS 14.5 14.5 engineering simulation package 75 teaching licenses; Linux local use info
Arduino   1.0 electronics prototyping  
Arena   13.0 process planning  
AutoDesk Master Suite (AutoCAD)   2013 computer-aided design on menu as Autodesk
Beyond Compare   2.5.3 file comparison  
C, C++ (pgcc, pgCC) X   compilers Read the PGI compiler information on Linux: file:///opt/pgi/linux86-64/8.0-2/doc/index.htm
Camtasia Studio   8.0 recording and editing utility  
ChemCAD   6.5.0 chemical process modeling  
Code::Blocks 8.12 10.05 integrated development environment  
Corel Draw Graphics Suite   X6 drawing program  
ConTEXT   X text editor  
Cytoscape   2.8.3 bioinformatics platform  
dia x   drawing  
Easy 68K     assembly language  
EASY Survey Tool     computer-based survey tool  
Eclipse 3.x   Java software framework; includes Subclipse  
Energy10   1.6.02 energy efficiency design  
EPANET   2.0 water distribution modeling


FastX   x graphical Linux interfact to Windows/Mac  
FEHT   7.1 finite element analysis use with IHT
FileZilla X X file transfer  
Firefox X X web browser  
Flash Player ActiveX   X media player  
Flash Player Plugin   X media player  
Fortran (pgftn) 11.3   compiler  
Fortran (Intel)   2011 compiler  
Fracture (Casca, Franc2dl)   X fracture simulation  
gedit   2.30.1 editor  
Ghostscript   9.05 viewer  
gimp x X photo editing  
Google Earth   X virtual globe  
GSview gv   5.0 viewer on menu as Ghostgum
Gvim   7.3 editor  
HCS+T7F   2010 traffic analysis  
HEC-HMS   3.5 hydraulic modeling flow analysis  
HEC-RAS   4.1 river analysis system  
HERS - ST   3.2 traffic analysis (USDOT)  
ImageMagick   X create, modify, convert graphics  
Interactive Heat Transfer (IHT)   3.1.4 heat flow modeling  
Interactive Thermodynamics   3.0 thermodynamic solver  
Internet Explorer   X web browser  
IrfanView   X image viewer, converter freeware
iTunes   X multimedia utility  
Java x X programming language  
Java SE SDK develop Java applications  
KENPAVE   (no version) pavement stress analysis  
Labview   2011 SP1 graphic lab software by National Instruments Teaching license only
LEGO Mindstorms NXT   1.0 LEGO to build robots  
LibreOffice   3.5 open source spreadsheet, word processing, presentation, draw, database  
LINDO/LINGO   10.0 solver for linear optimization  
LMS Virtual.Lab   10 A engineering analysis and design  
Lync   2013 office communicator  
Maple 16 15, 16 symbolic mathematical analysis 200 licenses
Mathcad   15.0 symbolic math. analysis + CAD 25 licenses
Mathcad Prime   2.0 extends Mathcad  
Mathematica 8.0.4 8.0.4 symbolic mathematical analysis 100 licenses; Windows menu as Wolfram Mathematica
MathType   6.8 Microsoft Office add-in  
MATLAB 2014a 2014a numerical mathematical analysis  
MeV MultiExperiment Viewer   4.8.1 analysis of genomic data  
Mentor Graphics ModelSim x   systems design flow requires license
Micro-Cap   10.0 electrical circuit simulation  
Microsoft Office Suite   2010 word processing, spreadsheet, database, email...  
Microsoft SDK   6.1 software development kit .NET and Server 2008
Microsoft Visual Studio   2008; 2010 programming tools  
Mipav   5.4.2 medical image processing and analysis  
Multisim   12.0 schematic capture and simulation  
Phreeqc Interactive   2.18.5314 geochemical modeling  
Picasa   X picture editor, organizer  
Polymath   6.2 textbook software  
ProEngineer Wildfire   5 old version of PTC Creo  
PTC Creo   2.0 parametric mechanical CAD 500 licenses; on Windows as PTC
QCP 2004   2004 physiology response simulation Ignore error when closing program
Quicktime   X media player  
R   2.15.0 part of MeV  
Rhinoceros   4.0 modeling  
SecureCRT   7.0 terminal emulator  
Statistica   11.0 data analysis, management, visualization, mining 10 licenses
Stella   8.1.1 mass balance modeling  
Symantec Anti-virus (SEP)   12.1.4 anti-virus software Mac version also. For engineering students, staff, faculty
Symantec Management Agent   7.5 software installer and updater  
Tecplot360 2013 2012 visualization, presentation tool  
Tecplot Focus   2012    
Tecplot RS   2012    
TextPad   X text editor  
Thunderbird X X email client from; like Mozilla mail.
TortiseSVN   1.7 version control client  
Trafficware (SimTraffic, Synchro)   X traffic analysis  
TSIS   X traffic analysis  
vi x   text editor  
View Client   5.1 use with VDI  
Vim   7.3 text editor  
Virtual.Lab   R10 SL2    
Vmware Player   3.1.4 run virtual machines  
Weka   3.6.5 data analysis  
Windows SDK 7.1   7.1 Windows development tools  
WinRAR   4.2 file compress, extract  
Write-N-Cite   x citation and bibliography aid can be Word plug-in
Xilinx IDE   14.1 programming IDE for embedded systems  
Xvid   X media player  

Read the College of Engineering software request and purchase policy for information on software acquisition.