The network, though invisible, is what underlies the functioning of computers. ECS provides Engineering campus buildings with networking services. The ECS networking staff installs, manages, and enhances the network that allows users to save and copy files, print, connect to the internet, and send and receive email. In the Seamans Center the computer network runs on a dual redundant 10 GB backbone network with 1 GB links to each network port.  Networking services include:

  • Computer network names and addresses (IPv4, IPv6, DNS, and DHCP)
  • Firewall and off-campus connectivity to campus resources (VLANs, local scope addressing, and Junos Pulse VPN)
  • Adding servers to the engineering network

ECS networking handles all work requests for adding, moving, or removing network lines or telephone lines. ECS coordinates with ITS to complete the work order to add or remove a line. Telephone reconfigurations may be sent directly to ITS or to ECS. ECS will consult on telephone reconfiguration issues for no fee, while ITS charges for these services.

Engineering Computer Services together with ITS networking services provide networking services to the Engineering campus, includes the following buildings:

  • Seamans Center
  • Engineering Research Facility
  • Stanley Hydraulics Lab
  • Hydraulics Wind Tunnel Annex
  • Hydraulics East Annex
  • Hydraulics Model Annex
  • Hydraulics Wave Basin Facility
  • Hydraulics Annex 1
  • Hydraulics Annex 2

ECS covers the monthly cost of networking services for academic and research computers.

Note that wireless connectivity (eduroam) on campus is supported by ITS. Local wireless access points are prohibited by University policy.