Purpose and Reason

This policy describes the support Engineering Computer Services (ECS) will provide for computing hardware, including mobile devices, used for work or academic purposes that are personally owned by faculty, staff, or students. This document serves to outline general support parameters, as well as establish realistic expectations for repair and turnaround times.

Support for computers owned by the College of Engineering at the University of Iowa is described in the Desktop Computer Support policy.


The primary mission of ECS is to support University-owned and managed computing hardware. Support of personally owned computing hardware will be left to the discretion of the ECS director, who has the right to refuse support of any and all personally owned computing equipment. 

As time and resources permit, ECS will:

  • strive to provide limited, basic, non-warranty support for personal computers owned by faculty, staff and students. 
  • assist with non-warranty diagnosis and troubleshooting of hardware problems. 

The owner is responsible for all replacement parts, shipping, and other associated costs.  ECS may help with hardware replacement. If support requires installing software, the owner must provide properly licensed copies of the media.

Procedures and Guidelines

The owner must contact the Engineering Help Desk by phone, e-mail, or walk-in prior to dropping off a system for service. This advanced notice may result in a quicker resolution to the problem. It will also allow us to inform the owner if we will not be able to work on the system in a timely manner.

The Engineering Help Desk has the right to refuse any computing hardware that may legally or morally jeopardize the integrity of the College of Engineering or the University of Iowa.

The owner must back up their critical data prior to dropping the system off.  The Engineering Help Desk is NOT liable for any loss of data.

Any request to install software must be accompanied by a licensed copy of that software. 

Turnaround times can vary widely, from one day to two weeks depending on the work load.

Bring all hardware to the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC.

Once the Help Desk has diagnosed or resolved the problem, the owner will receive notification by phone or e-mail.

The owner of the system may pick up the system at any time if they feel the Help Desk has taken too long to resolve the problem. 

Contacts and Technical Experts


The Engineering Help Desk is NOT liable for loss of any data on or damage to personally owned computing hardware. 

I have read and understand the above statements, guidelines, and procedures for supporting personally owned computing hardware.  I have discussed any questions I have about this document with the Engineering Help Desk and agree to the terms and conditions.

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Please return signed document to Sarah Williams, Manager, Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC.


For questions about this printer support policy, please contact the ECS Director, 319-335-5751.