The 1245 SC classroom is equipped with 46 Windows computers -- 45 for students and 1 for the instructor. Computer with 32 inch monitors are configured with the ability to boot into Windows or Linux and have NVidea RTX 2080TI video cards available to utilize for GPU computing.

For Instructors

The instructor console has one (1) Windows/Linux dual boot computer and two 4k monitors, which are connected to the 2 ceiling-mounted 4k projectors and 4 large screen 4k LCD displays at the back of the room.  The computer also has an NVidea RXT 2080TI video card and document camera.

Note: There is no whiteboard. If you want to write on a screen, use the document camera at the podium. (The theater rope at the front of the room is a visual barrier and reminder that there is no screen to write on.)

Instructors can use their HawkID account login ID and password to log in to the computer at the front of the room.  If you have troubles logging into the system contact the Help Desk.

For Students

The arrangement of the 1245 classroom gives students the maximum desk space and good viewing to the front of the classroom. The CPU towers are small and stacked at the back of the desk surface.


The software available is the same as the computers in the Elder, Hering, and Eltoft labs. These computers also have the ability to dual boot into Linux.

Use Policy


This room is used by instructors who teach engineering classes in which curriculum-based, computer-assisted instruction is an integral component of the course session; as an open laboratory by College of Engineering students; and by teaching assistants who need access to a computer to help students in their courses.

When 1245 SC is not used for instructional purposes, it is used as an open computing lab. The room is equally intended to support the instructional setting in which students are actively involved in computing as a part of the class structure, as well as to provide a facility in which instructors can provide out-of-class assistance for computing tasks.

Using the Classroom

Classes other than engineering courses can use 1245 for a fee.  Please contact the Office of the Dean for costs and scheduling information.

Any modification -- adding software, creating account IDs, modifying the equipment in the console, for example -- will be additional charges for the number of hours that ECS staff spend preparing the room and returning it to its normal state. No more than 45 students can be in such a class, and the instructor must verify with ECS that the software to be used is installed on those computers and that the college has a sufficient number of teaching licenses for the class.

Procedure for Requesting Use of 1245 SC

Instructors wishing to teach course sessions and teaching assistants who want to hold regular help sessions in 1245 SC should complete the 1245 SC on-line Request Form. For classes being held in 1245 SC, the request should be made when the schedule of courses is being created or as soon after that as possible. During the term, requests for individual sessions will be considered and granted if the use is appropriate and the room is available. The main criterion used to evaluate class applications is that a learning objective of the course requires hands-on use of computers. Classes that are scheduled to be taught in 1245 SC and that do not use the computers appropriately may be asked to use another classroom. Courses may have no more than 45 students. In addition, software used in courses taught in 1245 must be licensed in sufficient quantity that all students can run the program; i.e., if the college owns 25 copies of Program A, no more than 25 students should be in 1245 when Program A is used in a class taught there.

Reservations will be accepted during the current semester and for the next semester when that semester's schedule of courses is being created.

View the current schedule.

Other Class Use

Classes other than engineering courses can use 1245 at a fee of $100 per day, providing the facility is available. No more than 45 students can be in such a class, and the instructor must verify with ECS that the software to be used is installed on those computers and that college has a sufficient number of licenses for the class.

Questions and Help

Questions regarding use of 1245 should be directed to Matt McLaughlin.

Request help using the equipment from the Engineering Help Desk in 1256 SC, 319-335-5055.