Because you have an engineering computer account, you can particpate in the Microsoft DreamSpark program and the VMware download program.

Engineering offers the Symantec anti-virus program for use on and off campus to engineering students, staff, and faculty.

To use the Connect2 VPN, you will also the Network Connect client.

ITS Campus Software Program ITS has negotiated campus-wide site licenses for a number of software packages. Go to the ITS campus software program to find and download software that is free to students, staff, and faculty.

DreamSpark WebStore

Microsoft operating systems and developer tools for faculty, staff, and students through DreamSpark WebStore.

FileZilla for File Transfer

Utility for transferring files to or from a remote computer via FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

ICON in the College of Engineering

All College of Engineering courses are automatically created in ICON, the campus course-management system.


ANSYS offers engineering simulation solution sets.


Collaborate is software that allows meeting, collaboration, and training using only an Internet connection.

VPN - Connect2 in Engineering

Connect2 VPN creates secure connection to Engineering College resources from outside of the college.


Microsoft Lync provides instant messaging (IM), desktop sharing, video, and audio communication.


Maple is symbolic mathematical analysis software.​

Mentor Graphics: ModelSim

ModelSim is a subprogram of Mentor Graphics.

PGI Fortran Compiler

Fortran compiler by the Portland Group.


A numeric and symbolic computational engine, graphics system, and programming language.


Combines computation, visualization, and programming.

PTC Creo

PTC Creo is a computer-aided design program.

Remote Desktop

Remote Desktop connects your Windows computer to a remote computer.

Software Installation Policy

This policy describes guidelines and limitations for software installation.

VMware Academic Program

VMware is virtualization software that allows one physical computer to run multiple virtual computers.

Windows Patching Policy

Microsoft Windows is patched at least monthly. Learn about the ECS patching schedule.

Windows Security Patches

The best practice is to have Windows automatic updates turned on.

WinRAR to Extract and Compress Files

WinRAR is a Windows utility to condense and expand files.

Linux & Windows Software Information

The chart below lists the Linux and Windows software available on the Engineering Computer Network.

Autodesk Master Suite

The Autodesk Education Master Suite installed on the Engineering network includes the following programs.

Symantec Management Agent for Software Installation

To install software immediately, use the Symantec Management Agent.

Symantec Anti-virus

Download the Symantec anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection).​