Spirion Scanning Windows / Spirion Scanning Mac / Processing and Reporting Results

Spirion Scanning Windows

Open Spirion with the windows search

If you get this popup, click OK.

Type sp2021 in both password boxes, then click Next


If you do not see this and only get asked for the current password, Follow these instructions to Reset the Spirion Profile

Click Open Advanced Interface

Click Configuration, then select Settings and then select File Type

Check the box under options for searching files that says “Include mapped network drives when searching ‘My Computer’ ”

Remember to select “Apply” after choosing this setting. Close and Reopen the program. Type sp2021 for the password to log back in.

Run a Scan Wizard to scan your computer for files that may include sensitive information by selecting Start Search Wizard from the drop down arrow under Search.

Select My Computer for file locations.

 Confirm the settings by selecting finish and your search will begin.

Once the scan is completed, proceed to Processing and Reporting Results.


Scanning on a Mac

Locate and click the Spirion icon in your Applications.
If it is your first time running this, create a password of sp2021.  Then click OK.
Click OK.
Select the scan parameters.  Defaults are Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, and Password Entries.  Then click Search.
If it is the first time running Spirion, you will get a series of popups asking if you would like to allow Spirion access to files.  Click OK through all of them.  I had 4 separate popups for my test system. 
Then just sit back and let Spirion Run. 

This may take a long time to run.  This is ok.  It can run in the background while you do other things.
Spirion will display the following when completed.  Click on OK and proceed to Processing and Reporting Results.


Processing and Reporting Results

Once the report is done. You must remove the personal data from your computer. If the data found is on a shared drive, only remove data that belongs to you! If you have any questions, call before deleting. Here are the instructions for removing personal data found in the report:

To edit e-mail messages:

  1. Open the message by double clicking it or opening it from Spirion.
  2. Click on Other Actions in the Actions group.
  3. Click on Edit Message. You will be able to edit the message and delete the SSN or other sensitive information. When you close the message, click Yes to save your changes.
  4. If the message contains an attachment that you need to remove, right click on the attachment and select Remove. Save your changes when you close the message. This will remove and delete the attachment.

Spirion will find things that look like Social Security Numbers, even if they really aren’t. It’s looking for a pattern and it is better to find some files that can be ignored than to miss some
Social Security Numbers. When Spirion says that a file has a Social Security Number in it by mistake, that’s called a False Positive.

Some of the False Positives we’ve seen includes:

  • Mistyped telephone numbers: (319) 38-1234. Spirion doesn’t care how you separate the numbers, it just sees a total of 9 numbers in a row with no letters between them and thinks it might be a Social Security Number.

What do I do?
If you are sure it is not a Social Security Number, you can tell Spirion to ignore the file.

  • Internet cookies and other identifiers. When you visit a web page, it may put a cookie on your local computer to save your settings. The random number that the web page gives you may look like a Social Security Number.

What do I do?
You can safely Shred these files.

  • Other files. If you could look at a program file like winword.exe, you’d see a bunch of random numbers, letters, and symbols. Some of those numbers might look like a Social Security Number to Spirion.

What do I do?
If you can’t read what is in the Spirion Preview Pane because it is full of funny looking characters, you can ignore the file. If you are still in doubt you can contact the Help Desk and they will help you out.


To Shred (delete) files that contain sensitive personal information:

  1. Select the file in the list of results by clicking in the box to the left of the file. You can choose more than one file by placing check marks in multiple boxes.
  2. Click the Shred icon on the Main tab of the Spirion window.
  3. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the selected file(s).


To Open (edit) files that contain sensitive personal information:

  1. Select the file in the list of results by clicking in the box to the left of the file. You can choose more than one file by placing check marks in multiple boxes.
  2. Click the Open icon on the Main tab of the Spirion window.
  3. The file will open in the original program that created it, if available. Once it it opened, you can edit and save the document(s) as normal in the program.

After you are done handling the data, do the following:
Save your results as a .idf file with file name hawkid_computername (insert your information here)

Windows Mac



If necessary, use sp2021 as your password. Once the file is saved, attach it to an email and send to:
If you get no results, then take a screen shot of the window showing that you ran the software and send to:




Reset the Spririon Profile

Click on Skip
Click ok for guest profile
Click on Open Advanced Interface
Click on Yes
The open up File > Click on settings at the bottom
In the settings window click on Delete next to delete profile. 
Click yes to confirm.
Click OK.
From here restart the Spirion application and start back where you left off the instructions Above.