Here are a few survival tips that will help you get started using the computers in the labs, and some helpful tips to make your computing experience here more pleasant and hassle-free.

Look at the Support page, which summarizes the help available for computing in the College of Engineering.

 For help, call the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 319-335-5055, come to the office as 1253 SC, or write email.

 The Hering (1220 SC) and Elder (1231 SC) labs are located on the 1st floor of the Seamans Center. The 2301 lab is on the 2nd floor near the plaza entrance. They are open 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, though the building is not open all that time. Your Iowa One ID card is also a prox card and will give you 24x7 access to the Seamans Center and the labs. The 1245 SC computer classrooms is open for lab use when not otherwise scheduled.

 The eduroam wireless network is provided by ITS and is available throughout the Seamans Center.

 If you have a computer (and a modem and communications software) at home, you can log in remotely to the engineering network to access your files or send and receive email. Ask the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk for details or read about secure connections and VDI.

 Don't share your password with anyone.

 Printing - All You Need to Know  lists printer locations, cost of printing, using Web Print, print quota, and more. 

 To see a list of software available on the lab computers (Elder, Hering, and 2301 labs, Henry Electronic Classroom), read the software information page. You will find links to additional information about some programs.

 On a Windows computer, browse through the Start | All Programs menus to see what sorts of Windows software is available to use.

 On a Linux computer, browse from the Start menu to see what software is available. You can also check the software page to see what applications are installed on Linux.

 If you have issues with Microsoft Office ProPlus 2016 on your personal computer, check out this site: