The College of Engineering has a contract for the Symantec anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection), and all engineering students, staff, and faculty can download and install the appropriate version of the Symantec anti-virus program on computers on campus and off campus.

If your computer is on campus, including a laptop connecting wirelessly at least weekly, select the appropriate On Campus version. If your computer is off campus, select the appropriate Off Campus version. When you click on a link below, you will need to log in using your engineering account and password to download the desired file.

NOTICE: If you are going to update your Windows computer to Windows-10 there is a particular proceedure you should follow. If you already have a version of Symantec Endpoint Protection installed on your computer uninstall it before you start your Windows-10 upgrade (otherwise it will cause problems with the upgrade). After you have completed the Windows-10 upgrade then install the following Symantec Endpoint Protection software. See the following Symantec web page for more details (we have version 12.1.6 RU5).

On Campus Off Campus
32-bit Windows (x86) 303MB 32-bit Windows (x86) 303MB
64-bit Windows (x64) 323MB 64-bit Windows (x64) 323MB
Macintosh 270MB zip file Macintosh 270MB zip file

After you download and install the Symantec product, you must log in with an administrator account to configure the program.

If you have questions about installing or using the Symantec anti-virus product, please talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, 319-335-5055.