Software will be automatically installed on ECS-managed Windows computers, but if the software is ready to be installed and you want to install it immediately, use the Symantec Management Agent.

Double click the Symantec icon

in the system tray at the bottom right to open the Symantec Management Agent. This software agent is what ECS uses to install and update software on your machine

When you open the Symantec Management Agent, you see a Software Delivery list, as shown below:

Symantec software available

Select the program you want to install by clicking once on the name of the software under Deliveries available for this computer. In this example, Matlab is highlighted.

Symantec application tasks

Under Application Tasks on the left side of the Symantec Management Agent window, click the name of the software to start the installation.

Symantec settings

If you do not see the software that you want, then click on Settings in the upper right corner and then click on Update and Send. You can then close the Settings window to return to the list of available software.

If after your computer reboots the status is Not Compliant, please contact the Engineering Help Desk, 1253 SC, at 319-335-5055.