Why Use VDI

VDI, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, creates a secure connection between your remote computer and a virtual Windows machine that has the Engineering lab software load. Use VDI if you want to work on class projects that require software such as MATLAB, Maple, and Mathematica. You can load the VMWare View client, which runs VDI, onto Windows and Macintosh computers as well as mobile devices.

The Linux laptops used in 2217, 2229, and 3505 SC have the Linux View client installed so that a Windows lab load is available from those computers.

Select the Horizon Client

From your Windows, Linux, or Macintosh desktop or laptop computer, open a browser and go to the VMware site to get the most recent Horizon client. Select the client that is appropriate to your computer and download it. Do not download the Windows Local Mode Option, which is the Horizon View client.


Part of the installation process is the opportunity to name the default View Connection Server. Use vdi.engineering.uiowa.edu as illustrated below.

Install and name the default View Connection Server

Follow the prompts to install it as you want.


After installation and restarting your computer, run the View client. If you did not set the default View Connection server, use vdi.engineering.uiowa.edu to get to the Engineering lab load. When prompted to log in, use your Engineering account ID and password. For most classes select the ECS Lab Load and Connect.

VDI load choices


Once the connection has been established, you will have a virtual Windows lab load of software.

Log out

When you have completed your work, log out of the virtual machine, which closes your session.


For help setting up or using VDI, talk to the consultant at the Engineering Help Desk, 319-335-5055, 1253 SC.