Student Lab Computers

Windows computers in student labs in the 1245 SC and 3231 SC computer classrooms, Hering (1220 SC), Elder (1231 SC), and 2301 SC labs have Automatic Updates turned on. That is Microsoft’s recommended setting, and the setting you should have on any Windows computer at home.

Computers in those labs are set to patch Sunday beginning at 1:00 am whenever there is an operating system patch or a software patch to be installed. Another patch begins at 3:00 am on Sunday to ensure that all downloaded patches were installed. At patch time, all the computers in the labs will be unavailable for the few minutes that it takes for the patch to install and the computer to reboot.

Faculty and Staff Computers

If a Windows patch or software updates are released during the week, Windows machines will be taken down beginning at 1:00 am on Sunday to install patches. Else the computers will remain available for login.

If a critical patch is released during the day, you will get a pop-up dialogue box that will allow you to defer the patching for up to 3 hours. After that period of time, your login session will terminate so the patch can be applied.

ECS suggests that you close all files when you leave your computer at the end of the day and log out before Sunday. If there are updates to install, the installation will not damage any files if all files are closed.